The regions of Leipzig and Halle (Saale) are booming and now is the right time to invest in the property sector in these areas.​

In spite of the big interest in properties with high yield, we have great success in locating suitable projects and manage the whole process from the purchase, the revaluation of the buildings until the exit, including financing and legal issues. You can set out the framework for your investment and we will do the rest making your time and efforts as efficient as possible.​


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Our service

We are consultants, project managers and contractors

We provide solutions

All in one

Since the founding of Stonewall consulting GmbH & Co. KG in 2014 we have provided our customers with solutions to their property investments. 


A complete package of locating suitable projects, the purchasing process, the construction and the profitable exit. Our focus is in redevelopment and yield attractive properties in the aspiring areas of Leipzig in Saxony and Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt.


Together with our international partners in 2015 we have acquired assets for over 20 million Euros. This number is growing steadily. Our identified projects include values from 2 - 7 million Euros.

We are an experienced team coordinating and managing all scenarios. Our created optimum solutions are on a high quality standard.


Already in the UK and since 2004 in Berlin we made experiences as investors ourselves, as a real estate agent and as a project manager in the real estate market.


As such we are offering our services and experience as advisors and general contractors. We are offering financing and legal solutions to our partners. This includes of course the set up of legal entities. We manage the expenses and budgets and active investments in conjunction with our partners.


During the process is it important to us that the communication flows freely. You will receive periodically statements of progress and the project status. This way we can easily discuss and explain the current situation and keep you updated.


Through our thorough risk planning process, our constant control of the construction process and our sophisticated risk management we can easily overcome any unforeseen matter and eliminate it quickly.

Working with local companies.

We support the local business and welcome working with companies who know the localities of the project.


The plans and permits are carried out by a renowned architect in Leipzig. During the construction process we hire resident subcontractors and suppliers.

After the completion of the project we commission local management companies for to take care of the buildings.



Our projects are residential properties and are from the turn of the century. Also called Altbau. They are all more or less in need of redevelopment.


All buildings will be high quality renovated and brought up to modern standards. They will all have new balconies, terraces and parking where feasible.


The attractive location makes a sought after living accommodation.

Features of the apartments

With large doors and high-quality wood flooring
With high-quality wood flooring
With high-quality wood flooring and mordern tiled area
Modernly designed, with tub and more high-quality inventory
Flooded with light, with high-quality parquet floor
Old restored style elements
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Completed projects​

Leipzig - Sellerhausen
Bernhardstraße, fully rented residential building
Leipzig - Südvorstadt
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, fully rented residential building with commercial unit
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Current projects with partial redevelopment​

Halle - Nördliche Innenstadt
August-Bebel-Straße, building 1, residential building
Halle - Nördliche Innenstadt
August-Bebel-Straße, building 2, residential building
Halle - Nördliche Innenstadt
August-Bebel-Straße, building 3, residential building
Halle - Nördliche Innenstadt
August-Bebel-Straße, building 4, residential building with commercial unit
Halle - Südliche Innenstadt
Zwingerstraße, partly rented residential building with commercial unit
Berlin - Moabit
Lübecker Straße, fully rented residential building
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 Current projects with complete redevelopment​

Halle - Nördliche Innenstadt
Krukenbergstraße, residential unit in redevelopment
Halle - Nördliche Innenstadt
Puschkinstraße, residential unit in redevelopment
Halle - Nördlicher Saalekreis
Schloss Oppin, residential unit in redevelopment
Leipzig - Kleinzschocher
Antonienstraße, residential unit in redevelopment
Leipzig - Südvorstadt
Steinstraße, residential unit in redevelopment
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